These notes are essentially elaborations of ideas or questions that I might otherwise scribble in the margins of my copy of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations (PI - Wiley-Blackwell revised 4th edition by Hacker and Schulte) as I struggle through it. They are primarily intended to note connections that I see with other topics, other writers, current events, et al, or to bore down into some topics of special interest to me.

There is no intent to summarize each individual section ("Remark") or to place each into an overall Wittgensteinian framework. Aside from the fact that among readers of PI I am singularly unqualified to do either (see "Who" tab), Lois Shawver has done a very nice job of the former for the first 100 Remarks (my name for the numbered sections of PI) and Philip Cartwright is currently doing a fantastic job of the latter. (See Blog Roll in right margin for links to their sites.) My notes on a Remark will often direct a reader to relevant posts by Philip Cartwright for his commentary on the Remark itself or how it fits into PI's overall structure.